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The Process and Importance of Copyrighting your Book.

There is always some confusion as to how one gets their new book copyrighted. This is something important too, as it safeguards your work from theft or being copied. While it may not happen, it is wise not to take chances.

When you produce a written piece of work, it is your property. For more info on Copyrighting A Book, click here. When you proceed to put it in a tangible format, such as by having it in pages like a book, it belong to you legally. But for this to be a recognized legal relationship, you need to have evidence that supports your claims. This is where getting it copyrighted comes in.

When you get the book registered as copyrighted, you shall have cemented your legal ownership to it. Your book is yours from the onset, but after having it copyrighted, it becomes apparent to anyone out there. This shall give you all legal rights in case there is an attempt on it. This shall for example come in handy if you find out another party is plagiarizing your content. The copyright shall give strength to your case. You are better off having the book registered as soon as you are about to finish writing it, or just before you print it out.

It is not that hard or expensive to register your book. There is the copyright office in your state where you can get the registration form. You can also go online to their site, where you shall find an appropriate form for you to fill. You will then submit the form, and a registration fee, and a copy of the written material. The copy can either be the manuscript that is yet to be published, or the book that has already been published. It shall take almost a year or two for you to get a certificate to prove ownership.

There are some individuals how to pose as service providers who can have your book copyrighted for you. Do not waste your time with them. Visit here to learn more about Copyrighting A Book. The process is simple and accessible to all. There is no need for there to be such service providers. Their main aim is to rob you of your hard work and get it copyrighted in their name.

You, therefore, need to make sure registering your copyright is a part of your publishing process. In case you have a publisher working with you, confirm whether the book was copyrighted in your name, and not theirs. This may save you a lot of trouble in the future. The process is simple enough for there to be no need for all that trouble in the first place. Your intellectual property should be respected, and your hard work rewarded appropriately. Learn more from

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